Sunday, August 23, 2009


I like to blog, but its hard for me to write or type anything be it song, blog, paper, poem, anything at all when people keep coming in and looking over my shoulder.
Anyway, vacation was last week, quite relaxing, I managed to not talk to anyone on the phone but my grandpa once while we were gone and in fact turned off and didn't even have to charge my phone the entire trip. I wish I were allowed to go without a cell phone, they are a nuisance.
The food was amazing as usual in Santa Fe, and the fishing exceptional for me, 34 trout, quite nice, and for the entire fishing group 84, not bad at all. The water was chilly but not enough to use waders the whole time chorts and some old choes were enough for the most part, and a much needed cool, break from the 100 degree weather here.
Hannah learned how to fly fish, up until this point I have only been taught, but now had the chance to teach someone how to fly fish. It was quite refreshing, and tempting to explore the option of becoming a fly fishing guide and teacher sometime down the road.
I also managed to only use the internet for about 3 minutes to attempt to drop a class, and only turned on a TV in the hotel sunday long enough to flip through the channels. For the most part a technology free week...much needed.
Ava was just as happy in the mountains as she is at home, although the ride home was not what she wanted and she decided to let us know about it pretty much the whole 8 hours. However as soon as we got home she was smiling, and then promptly fell hard asleep.
Soon I hope to go back to the mountains, and fish and backpack, some trips alone, some with Hannah and Ava, some with a few friends, and for sure some with my Dad, who I have never really gotten the chance to do things alone with.
There is something about the mountains that makes me feel almost more at home than I do at my actual home. I don't know if it is the wildlife, the fishing, the views, or the activities and adventure of a new place. But no matter what it is, the cool, clean, crisp air, and the chilly, clear, trout laden waters will always be my second home, and always draw me back with more intrigue the next time than the last time.

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