Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farewell my good friend, I love you, thank you for everything, and happy fishing.

At 75 years of age, my grandfather passed away today. By far the greatest man I've ever known. Raised up in hard times, in Oklahoma and North Texas, he only accomplished an 8th grade education, but managed to rise above that and successfully open and maintain good business at a grocery store in Olney, Texas. He worked many hours, and provided a good life for his wife childern, and grandchildren. It is his accomplishments in life, from such humble beginnings, that give me an optimistic view on my life and what I can accomplish if I just work a little harder each day. He also was a generous man, willing to help anyone who needed it. To that I know I can never stand up to, he has supported me and loved me, and provided me with a life that I could not love better. To have family like I do is a true blessing, and to have my family so blessed, by others and by God, is a blessing in itself. He won a couple more games of skip-bo, and had alot of good laughs before he passed, and he passed just like he wished and I can only thank God for that. We will miss him, but he and my Great Uncle Bruce and my Great Grandpa Ab, I know are this minute sitting in a boat in heaven with some stinkbait and minnows, catching crappie and catfish like they've never done before, and not worrying about a thing.

As the song goes and is so well put,

--"to this awful news, try not to hold on, the day will come, the sun will rise it will be fine."