Monday, July 13, 2009


You know its the fore end of the next week since the aft end of the last week which I missed for my afte end blog so here is a fore end blog of the aft end of last weeks aft end. Ever wonder about why toothpaste is white? or some other bright color? Well, I'll tell you. It's because of the toothpaste companies... no they don't care if you're teeth are white, they want the toothpaste to "out white" your teeth by a long shot so that your teeth still look yellow. Consequently, they have millions and billions of customers. You brush your teeth the toothpaste is white, your teeth look yellow, so what do you do you brush more, for longer periods of time, and more times a day to make them white, when in reality all the foods, cokes, coffees, teas and other substances you place in your mouth during the day are only going to turn your teeth yellow again. So in conclusion, I say that we ban the sale of white, and other brightly colored toothpastes, and instead use s*** brown so that your teeth look pearly white each time you this and the self confidence level of the nation will skyrocket. I guarantee it.

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